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Church of Agia Marina

About the church

The church of Agia Marina in the village of Odou is a modest basilica with a wooden roof, measuring 14.60 by 4.80 metres on the interior. The semicircular arch of the church is inscribed on a linear eastern wall. It has a 3.20-meter string and a 1.60-meter arrow.
Archbishop Chrysanthos inaugurated the church in 1777, as indicated by an inscription on the north wall near the iconostasis, which has been partially covered with lime. However, the church seems to have been constructed earlier. The Agia Marina icon dates back to 1688. The bell tower and the gynaiconitis were both later additions. However, they blend in flawlessly with the building as a whole, adding an additional touch of perfection. It would be grossly negligent of us if, at this juncture, we failed to mention the roof’s intermediate crossings (volitzia), which are among the few with carved geometries.
Also of considerable value is the carved and gilded iconostasis. Its creator, presumably from Constantinople, used simple formations to create a rare artistic iconostasis that contains five icons of Italo-Byzantine art (Jesus, Panagias, Agia Marina, Timiou Prodromou, and Agiou Ioannou tou Theologou).
The iconographer is not listed, but it is highly likely that these icons were created by the renowned iconographer and Agios Herakleidis school graduate Hierodeacon Gabriel.

Church services


Visitors can contact Father Andreas at +357 99458835 or Kostantia at +357 99040498 to amend the date and time of their church attendance.
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