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Excursion area

About the Park

5 minutes from the centre of the village in the direction of Limassol and Larnaca is our community’s picnic area. It is constructed on the Vasilopotamos riverbank. After construction is completed in 2020-2021, the site will be able to accommodate approximately 100 people and will provide visitors with potable water and a designated area for igniting coals. Additionally, the area contains sanitary facilities.
The rare beauty of the landscape, the old, with an arched bridge that connects the riverbanks, combined with the wooden and very beautiful bridge that connects the eastern portion of the site with the western portion, will transport you to a bygone era that was both ancient and very romantic.

The tranquilly of the traveler’s surroundings is conveyed by the river’s flow, the towering plane trees, and the chirping of the birds that reside in them.
the spot