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Odou Apiaries

Apiaries Winter

The most exquisite healthy dessert for desires in the afternoon!!! Honey biscuits containing honey!

What’s better than a hot tea with our honey!!!

Authentic honey from the Winter apiaries of the lovely Odou!

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Oros Machaira

Beginning in 2020, an apiary founded in 1983 and outfitted with brand-new facilities will provide you with an unforgettable experience. For those who value experiential learning, we have designed a space so that visitors to our factory will learn a brief history of our family business through videos, as well as fundamental information about our little workers – the bees – and honey and other hive products. Notably, you will be able to observe the live bottling of honey directly from the resting casks. After this approximately 20-minute tour, you will be able to sample the various varieties of honey available on the market and sip cold or hot beverages in our factory’s gardens, surrounded by nature and children playing in the area’s various games.

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Apiculture Melodou

We are a family of beekeepers who care for our bees with affection and dedication, and they provide us with their delicious honey and all other products, including royal jelly, pollen, propolis, and wax. We are committed and pleased to include this gift with every jar we bundle.

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Melidiston Apiary

After completing my university studies in 2013, I settled permanently in the village of my father, Odou Larnakas. My father, Kostas Kyriakou, was involved in the beekeeping industry as a hobbyist when I was a child, and I wanted to enter this magical world of beekeepers myself on a more professional level. Since 2015, under the brand name “MELIDISTON,” I have maintained a sizable number of active colonies from which we obtain a variety of therapeutic bee products, including honey, honeycomb, pollen, royal jelly, wax, and propolis.

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